Does your business have a security guard that has to constantly monitor the premises? How much is this costing you each year? Do you have a guard dog that has to be on the premises all the time? Even though these forms of security are good they can be expensive. A CCTV monitoring system is going to offer you the same degree of protection and in most cases better protection. In the case of having a guard dog, a CCTV monitoring system will take away the liability and risks involved with that.


Getting into the subject of guard dogs for a moment, there are not a lot of businesses that use them, but a nice chunk do. When it comes to employees you probably did not know that guard dogs are more responsible for various injuries to them than an assailant. Why do you need the trouble that comes with a guard dog? Think about it, you can avoid the possibility of lawsuits and other expensive security measures. CCTV monitoring is designed to give your business a high level of protection at a minimal cost.


The benefits that come with a CCTV monitoring system are plenty. In the case of someone trying to break into your business or any type of intruder, chances are they are going to be around your property for quite sometime before they attempt to do anything serious

. When you have CCTV monitoring in place, you can take measures to have the authorities get involved before any crime takes place. This is the real benefit, being able to prevent crimes before they happen.  You will not have to worry about damaged property such as a broken window or a broken door. You will not have to worry about any property being stolen either.





V monitoring can set up any way your business wants it to be. You can set it up to where police will be notified the second there is an unwanted person on your property. Having this form of monitoring in place is also a good way for you to prove a case in court once criminals were caught. The fact is without such evidence it might be hard to convict someone who caused problems for your business, especially if they were not caught in the act of committing the crime.



The fact is, you might not be able to afford a security guard. Does this mean you have to let your business suffer? Does this mean you have to wait until someone decides to target you because they see you as being an easy mark? You do not, and if you get CCTV monitoring for your business you will not have to worry about this anymore. As soon anyone who is thinking about committing a criminal act to your business sees these cameras they will be deterred, which is the entire goal. There are many options available for all budget sizes so there is no reason to go without this protection.