• 1 x 4 channel DVR – Digital Video Recorder
  • 4 x indoor / outdoor CCTV cameras – with inbuilt infrared illuminators (extra cameras are available at additional cost if required)
  • 1 x Colour monitor,
  • 500Gig HDD and Internet connectivity capability, full installation included in Melbourne CBD and Melbourne Metro areas.
  • 500Gig HDD and Internet connectivity capability, Connection to your iPad or iPhone provided you have an internet connection where the cameras are located.

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Our CCTV systems are designed for the individual needs of each client. With thousands of different cameras on the market it is crucial that the right products are matched to the circumstances.

We have the expertise and product knowledge to install a tailored system that produces the footage and coverage that you require.

As a third party security installer National Protective Services are not tied to recommending specific brands. We will asses your current situation and recommend a system appropriate for your needs.

For further information, please contact our customer service center on 1300 659 800.

Scientists Say
“People behave better if they know they are being watched”

Better Behavior = More profits and Less Problems

The average business will lose up to 3% of their turnover due to shrinkage

– This can amount to 25% loss in profit

  • 43% were customers
  • 30% staff
  • 10% suppliers
  • 17% administrative errors

Less than 2% of this is ever detected
(Source: Australian Institute of Criminology – trends & issues in crime and criminal justice)

Costing Australians $7.5 billion per year

(Source: Myer, Woolworths tackle theft to maintain earnings by: Blair Speedy The Australian 28.3.12)

Every business has areas where technology can assist:

  • Staff Productivity
  • Stock Control
  • Theft
  • Cash Balancing
  • Owner Lifestyle
  • Workplace safety

Are the Odds in your favour?

Customer Service: 7 out of 10 customers stop doing business with you because an employee treated them the wrong way. (Source: International Customer Service Association)

Property Crime: 22% decline occurring within 100 feet of the cameras (Source: ACLU, Expert Findings On Surveillance Cameras – UC Berkeley Preliminary Study)

Burglary: Over 380,000 each year  – 25% are Commercial Businesses. (Source: Australian Institute of Criminology – trends & issues in crime and criminal justice)

Vandalism: The loss of equipment equals loss of revenue and down time.

Supplier Theft: Most make “honest mistakes” when you correct them. When was the last time they delivered too much?

Employee Productivity: When do your employees get more work done, when your there or when your gone?

Employee Theft: Statistics show the 70% of employees today would steal stock, money or time if left unsupervised. (Source: The Australian Federal Police – Smart Company, “Thieves at work” 21.8.07)

Shoplifting: 4 out of 10 customers steal (Source: Australian Institute of Criminology – Preventing Retail Crime)

Liability Accusations: This can cause serious embarrassment, bad press and close a business down.

Owner lifestyle: Many owners are working 12 hrs a day 6 or 7 days a week.

When is the last time you had a good break without worrying about your business?

The National Protective Services system delivers business owners Powerful video surveillance technology, which has the added benefit of being simple to operate

Both on-site and from remote locations:

  • Home
  • Office or
  • Even when traveling.

It has a wide range of iPhone, ipad, Blackberry and Windows Mobile applications for you to view

Apple iPad 3
View CCTV from your Apple iPad 3

  • Live
  • on the move
  • 24HRS a day.

Run your business from Anywhere!

Our System Includes:

  • Installation & Set-up
  • Training
  • Connection to your iPad or iPhone

apple iphone
View CCTV from your apple iphone