Patrol guards 24/7 or routine patrols are a small group of professionals hired usually by contract from security companies to provide patrolling and inspection services on an assigned geographical zone. The goal of these guards is to spot any suspicious activities in and out of the zone and prevent those from doing further damage or disturbance. There are many advantages in using patrol guards on business premises reason why more and more Australian businesses hire patrol guards.


One of its main advantages is protection against break ins and thefts; two crimes that every business owner or manager has to deal with regardless of what type of business (retail store, convenience store, jewelry store, bank, etc.), type of setting (urban or rural location), and regardless of size (small or big business) they own.


How Patrol Guards Prevent Break-ins and Theft 


–          Patrol Guards are a visible form of security. 


Patrol guards are generally smart-looking individuals who are trained to provide security. And because they are live, breathing, human beings (as contrast to CCTV cameras), they are visible to us, visible to criminals, making their provided security visible too. Having them around sends a message to potential criminals that you are serious about the security of your business.


–          Patrol Guards  patrol, and asses.  

 Patrol guards are assigned as a group and flee as a group to the geographical zone or the place that their client wants to be patrolled and inspected. Once in the zone, they will drive around-location to location- making sure everything is in the right place. If anything appears suspicious, they will attend to it and assess it. With this kind of security measure, anyone thinking of breaking into the property will be intimidated and discouraged.


–          Patrol guards monitor .

 They can be employed to monitor video surveillance, check credentials, check for contraband or restrict access to an area.



–          Patrol Guards ensure a well opening of the business. 

 They can attend your property and ensure that it is open for business prior to staff and/ or customers arrival. Then Monitor and authorize entrance anyone that wants entry to the business- employees, customers, and visitors.


–          Patrol Guards make sure all doors are closed. 

 They can be assigned to do the closing task. When assigned, they ensure that the building’s doors, windows, and gates are closed and not a single structure is vulnerable to thieves.


–          Patrol Guards response to alarm. 

 They response to alarms. Should your alarm sounds at your business trigged due to a break-in, patrol guards will be there immediately to check and handle the situation. Any ongoing criminal activity is prevented and anyone caught participating to it will be arrested and turn to the authorities.

All of these patrol services take a lot of security responsibility off the shoulders of the business owner and employees, and allows them to focus on their jobs. If you want all these advantages for you and your business, hire your own routine patrols today. Learn more from