CCTV Monitoring Of Workplaces

CCTV monitoring of workplaces is something that more and more employers are implementing in their workplaces and for many reasons. This article will help employers discover the advantages and disadvantages of CCTV monitoring of workplaces.  Advantages Of A CCTV Monitoring Of A Workplace There are many advantages that employers who does CCTV monitoring of their workplace get. Here’s just..

Security Cameras For Home – Special Thought Has To Go Into Choosing One

Want to know why security cameras for the home are so beneficial? Well one reason is because they offer a way for you as a home owner to keep your property safe and watch over it whenever you need to. You can also use these security cameras to focus in on areas you feel are the most vulnerable. This..

Wireless Security Camera System – A Security System That Will Not Be Limited

You do not want the security system you get for your home or business to have limitations do you? Of course you don’t, when it comes to the security of your home or business you want to make sure that you have access to the latest technology available. A wireless security camera system is a good start. A wireless..

Workplace Spy Camera

Protect Your Business From Bad Employees Want to know what a workplace spy camera is? It is a small camera that has been hidden from view and it is utilized to film people without them knowing it. The camera is well concealed, and it will be tough for anybody to detect it. These types of cameras can be hidden..

Shop Security Cameras – Focus On What You Need And Not What You Don’t

When it comes to people who are trying to shop for security cameras people are not going to cut corners as far as features and quality goes. People want to have access to the most powerful technology, but this is not going to be cheap in most cases. A lot of people simply would not be able to afford..

CCTV Monitoring – Protect Your Business From Threats And Other Problems

  Does your business have a security guard that has to constantly monitor the premises? How much is this costing you each year? Do you have a guard dog that has to be on the premises all the time? Even though these forms of security are good they can be expensive. A CCTV monitoring system is going to offer..

Employee Theft

Employee Theft is real Employee theft is the biggest type of theft . One security expert, who heads national security for a jeans chain, says Australian retail staff help themselves to $70 million worth of stock a year—70 per cent of all shoplifting (Sydney Morning Herald, Good Weekend 16 August 1990). The National Retail Crime Prevention Council put shop theft by staff..