Customer Theft

Most customer theft goes unreported. An American study maintained that four out of 10 people had stolen from a shop at some time in their lives (Kallis & Vanier 1985), and in an Australian study, 54 percent of Tasmanian 15-year-old boys and 44 per cent of girls surveyed admitted stealing from a shop in the previous three years (Warner 1982). An American..

Employee Theft

Employee Theft is real Employee theft is the biggest type of theft . One security expert, who heads national security for a jeans chain, says Australian retail staff help themselves to $70 million worth of stock a year—70 per cent of all shoplifting (Sydney Morning Herald, Good Weekend 16 August 1990). The National Retail Crime Prevention Council put shop theft by staff..


Yes – Research for shows that 4 OUT OF 10 CUSTOMERS STEAL.. and THATS JUST THE BEGINNING!, it gets worst for business owners and managers. Retail crime includes shoplifting, employee theft, fraud, robbery and violence to staff. Costs include loss of profitability, low staff morale, loss of work due to physical and psychological damage, and even loss of life. Just HOW serious..

CCTV monitoring from $35 per week

That’s right. CCTV monitoring from as little as $35 per week * With the National Protective Services CCTV system delivering business owners powerful video surveillance technology, which has the added benefit of being simple to operate both on-site and from remote locations:. Suitable for use in both Office, Shop Warehouse or Home • Office . Monitoring live even when..