CCTV stands for closed-circuit television and refers to using video cameras to send signals to a specific place. It can be used anywhere, from industrial plants – for observing a process from a safe control room – to institutions, homes and even neighbourhood streets.

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Since CCTV was introduced in public areas, the criminal rate has decreased significantly. When prevention was not enough and people were still being attacked or bashed, CCTV cameras offered valuable images to the police and made catching the criminals a lot easier and faster. The numbers prove their usefulness:

  • Closed-circuit television
    installed in parking lots led to a 51% decrease in crime very quickly;
  • The decrease in criminality was of almost 25% for public transportation areas;
  • In public settings, the crime rate has only decreased by 7% – it’s not much, but it is still a good start. On the other hand, cameras have very often recorded the criminals’ faces or license plate numbers, making it easier for them to be recognized and eventually arrested. The recordings can be used in trials, thus putting a lot of guilty people behind bars.

Apart from that, most people who own a house and are not completely satisfied with their alarms or have been robbed despite having alarms, have started opting for CCTV systems. If you are having doubts regarding your safety or you have a feeling that something weird is going on, installing such a system will make you worry less and it will also allow you to see any strange, suspicious-looking people lurking around the house.

Despite the controversy around privacy infringement due to CCTV, the cameras are a real asset for scaring burglars away. So opt for the introduction of cameras around your home, in your neighbourhood and the whole city if you want a safer life for you and your loved ones!