Lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions asking about CCTV security system. Questions such as, what is a CCTV security System?, How Can I get a CCTV security System?, Is CCTV security system expensive?, and other similar questions so I thought I’d create an article that will explain and answer those questions for the benefit of people behind them.


CCTV Security System: What it is?

CCTV Security System is a TV System which uses video cameras to transmit signals to another place. The signals obtained are not publicly distributed but are monitored, primarily for surveillance and security purposes. Although the very first CCTV system was originally used to observe the launch of a new rocket in Germany, CCTV systems can be found virtually everywhere these days.


Where to Get a CCTV Security System?

Because CCTV systems are becoming very popular, security companies have started offering them to both commercial and residential facilities. Now, to get your own system, you need to locate a security company to provide it to you, but it is very important that you find one that can demonstrate professionalism and experience in design, installation, and monitoring of CCTV systems, and most importantly, find one that is willing to provide you your individual CCTV requirements. A specialist company, perhaps, such as the National Protective Services, a security company that provides electronic security services including CCTV system monitor.


How much CCTV Security System Costs?

Well, the cost of a CCTV system differs from each security company. And depends on what type of CCTV system you want to purchase because you might not know it yet, but there are different types of CCTV systems- there is a wired CCTV, non-wired or wireless CCTV, analog CCTV, digital CCTV, and other types which certainly is different from one another.

The wired type has been the most commonly used type, but with the advantage we have in technology, the other type, which is the wireless type, is becoming more and more popular. Because a wireless CCTV, the video and audio signals are transmitted to a wireless receiver through a radio band. There is no need for wire cables.


Like I said, the cost differs from each security company, but just to give you an idea how much, say, a wireless CCTV is, it is relatively expensive than wired CCTV. One good quality wireless CCTV can cost $60 to $200 and can be bought from stores, but if you choose your CCTV system purchased from a security company, it can be lowered or yet free when you subscribe to their CCTV security services.


Learn More About CCTV Security System

I hope this answered your questions, but if you have any more question regarding CCTV security system, feel free to check out the electronic Security Services by the National Protective Services company. This security services company based in Brisbane and operates Australia Wide can give you the answers you need. They will also ensure the best value for money by using wireless cameras and other components of high quality. And if you switch to their CCTV monitoring service, you get your first 3 Months out of 12 month minimum contract for FREE.