• 4 channel DVR and colour monitor, full installation included in Melbourne CBD and Melbourne Metro areas.
  • 500Gig HDD and Internet¬†connectivity capability, includes 4 indoor / outdoor CCTV cameras with inbuilt infrared illuminators (extra cameras are available¬†at additional cost if required)

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Remote View CCTV Cameras Using Wireless Devices

If your employees knew at a push of a button you could see them from anywhere in the world what changes would they make tomorrow?

Our clients are making more money and have better customer service with our CCTV Monitoring technology from day one

More businesses are welcoming our quality surveillance packages, because our wireless CCTV monitoring system can help to do a lot more than reduce thefts, control stock and assist by recording incidents of a legal liability.

In actual fact, installation of our Wireless CCTV systems have helped companies to increase their profitability due to greater staff and worker productivity.

Remote Viewing Security Camera Package

Our CCTV monitoring package has been designed to assist businesses with

  • Stock control,
  • Staff management,
  • Theft prevention,
  • and staff and customer safety in terms of legal liabilities.

Of equal importance our packages allow you to mange the from any location.
Using state of the art downloadable applications which provides
free time and less stress for managers and business owners.

Starting from as little as $29 per week, the National Protective Services system delivers business owners powerful video surveillance technology, which has the added benefit of being simple to operate both on-site and from remote locations:

  • Home
  • Office or
  • Even when traveling.

It has a wide range of iPhone, ipad, Blackberry and Windows Mobile applications for you to view

  • Live
  • on the move
  • 24 HRS a day.

Run your business from Anywhere!

Our System Includes:

  • Installation & Set-up
  • Training
  • Connection to your iPad or iPhone