There are many benefits to having a CCTV monitoring supported by mobile patrol guards 24/7. One of its greatest benefits is that it provides business owners and business managers a peace of mind. As we know, business owners and business managers have to deal with the rampant crimes done to many business facilities- crimes such as intrusion, theft, and vandalism.


What is CCTV Monitoring Supported By Mobile Guards? 

CCTV monitoring is simply having a CCTV system installed somewhere in the business to monitor the place with.  A CCTV system basically is consisting of three components: a CCTV camera, a CCTV lens, and a CCTV monitor. The system works with the camera picking up video signals from the area being monitored, and in a wired system, the CCTV camera sends the signals through a coaxial cable to the monitor; in wireless systems, no cable is needed, instead the CCTV camera broadcasts the signal. Monitors can be watched by CCTV controllers or left unmonitored.


CCTV monitoring which is supported by mobile patrol guards is a kind of security monitoring service requiring the support of mobile patrol guards. Mobile patrol guards are trained individuals contracted to clients (property owners/managers) to provide security services such as patrolling, inspection, and surveillance with the sole mission of protecting clients’ assigned locations.

When mobile guards are assigned to monitor a CCTV system, they do it in their mobile vehicles. They are given access to monitor. If anything is suspicious, they will drive on the site and check it making sure it isn’t a criminal activity. If it is, they will stop anyone involve and detain them while they wait for the police to arrive and take the criminals.


Why You Should Choose This Kind Of Security Service? 

For many business owners and business managers who have tried using CCTV monitoring supported by mobile guards, they said it was a very effective means of security, particularly for preventing crimes. The security reduced the incidences of theft and vandalism in their property allowing them to enjoy some real peace of mind.

Those business owners and business managers like to think that their security is less vulnerable to human error, and they will know that just having this system in place can help to deter criminals: criminals know they are more likely to be caught if there is a camera watching them let alone having mobile guards around- monitoring and waiting.

If you feel that your business could benefit from installing CCTV system, one that is supported by mobile guards, and finally live your life with less less worries, get in contact today with the National protective services. The National Protective services offers electronic Security monitoring services including CCTV monitoring and mobile patrol guards.

The national Protective services’ CCTV systems are designed for the individual need of each client. Each system can be tailored to produce the footage and coverage that you will require and comes with installation, set-up, training, and connection to your iPad or Phone and to the phone/monitor of assigned mobile guards for more effective monitoring.