CCTV monitoring of workplaces is something that more and more employers are implementing in their workplaces and for many reasons. This article will help employers discover the advantages and disadvantages of CCTV monitoring of workplaces.

 Advantages Of A CCTV Monitoring Of A Workplace

There are many advantages that employers who does CCTV monitoring of their workplace get. Here’s just 5 of these advantages to give you a small taste of what you can stand to gain.

1.      CCTV Monitoring Helps Uncover Employee Theft.

According to the latest statistics from the Australian Federal Police, 70% of employees would steal stock, money, or time when left unsupervised. This is a great financial liability for employers that’s why they look for strategies and implement those to fight it.

CCTV monitoring in the workplace is one strategy that can fight employee theft. Employees who use to steal would stop knowing that they are being monitored. This will save your business a lot of stock, money and time.

2.      CCTV Monitoring Helps Uncover Outside Theft.

Not all theft is done by workplace employees; sometimes people who come to your workplace like customers and clients can commit it. Luckily, you can easily monitor each and everyone who comes into your place and prevent anyone who might steal with a CCTV monitoring system.

3.      CCTV Monitoring Enforces Ethical Standards In The Workplace.

In a workplace, when the employer is not looking, employees are prone to doing unproductive activities like social networking, gaming, chatting, and emailing. Obviously, these activities affect their productivity levels.

With a CCTV monitoring, your employees will behave better. People behave better when they know they are being watched. They will hesitate on doing unproductive activities and personal businesses when they know that you are watching them on your monitor.

4.      CCTV Monitoring Creates A Sense Of Security.

Your employees, customers, clients, including yourself will feel more secured knowing that the workplace premises is being monitored detecting and deterring any possible threats.

5.      CCTV Monitoring Helps Employers Develop A Peace Of Mind.

Many small employers can work upto 12 hours a day, 6 or 7 days a week just to make sure that everything in their workplace is in order and their employees are working their jobs. But still, it is not enough. Theft, shrinkage, and unproductivity still happen in the workplace and the reason for this is employers can’t be everywhere at a time. This results for them to develop excessive worrying or anxiety.

With a CCTV monitoring in your place, you can monitor every activity and transaction even when you are not actually there. This will provide you with a peace of mind knowing everything that’s going on in your workplace and knowing your employees know that you are watching them causing them to behave well.

Disadvantage Of CCTV Monitoring In Workplaces

The only negative thing about having a CCTV monitoring in a workplace is that it raises important issues regarding the privacy of employees. Some employees think that monitor them in the workplace is an invasion of privacy so if ever you wanted a cctv monitoring into your workplace, be clear with your employees about the reasons for monitoring them and the benefits that it will bring to the business before finally incorporate it