It is during after hours, weekends, and holidays that businesses are more vulnerable to break-ins, theft, and vandalism. This is because it is during these hours and days that not many people are around to discourage criminals from breaking in. And with most small businesses employing a little or no security measures at all, makes them easy targets for criminals. If you have your own business, learning about monitoring your business premises after hours is a must.

Monitoring Business Premises After Hours

Monitoring business premises after hours can be done in many ways including
– assigning a security guard
– Installing a CCTV monitoring system
– Installing an alarm monitoring system

1. Assigning a security guard is the traditional way of protecting a property against criminal attacks. A security guard is someone who has been trained to observe the premises with the primary goal of detecting threats and deterring criminal activities.

You can choose from an on-site security guard or patrol guard. The difference between the two guards is that the on-site guard is stationary meaning he is assigned to one location, while a patrol guard moves from one area to another. Consider your level of security needs when choosing between the two. Either way, they’re both effective in monitoring and protecting the business.

2. Installing a CCTV monitoring system is a new measure of security. A security company of your choosing will install a CCTV system into your business. Once installed, all activities in the premises are monitored and recorded. You will know what’s happening in your business even if you are not there.

If anyone tries to break-in during after hours will be monitored and recorded. The security company monitoring will send a team to prevent the theft. The recorded event will be used as an evidence against the intruder.

3. Installing an alarm monitoring system is another new measure of security you can do to monitor your business on after hours. An alarm monitoring system will allow you to protect your business even when you are at home resting.

The system is connected to an alarm monitoring company that will monitor alarm activity at your business 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, meaning during after hours and even on holidays. This can detect when your business has been breached, and can send the authorities within minutes that the alarm is triggered.

All of the three security measures are proven effective not only in monitoring any business premises, but also in detecting and deterring criminal activities which helped businesses from suffering great losses. They’re also effective on residential properties.
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