The use of remote CCTV monitoring is getting really popular to property owners as it has been proven effective in making sure that the property to where it is installed is monitored and secured at ALL times,  giving no room for any criminal activity (theft, trespassing, shoplifting) to take place. Here, you’ll learn how this remote security works.


Here’s How Remote CCTV Monitoring Works 

 There are different types of CCTV monitoring systems and how each one works may vary from how others work. Anyway, the basic components of each type are the same: a CCTV camera, CCTV lens, a CCTV monitor, and cable wires in the case of wired systems.

When all components are set up, the system works starting with the camera acquiring video images and sending those images to the Digital Video Recorder and show it to the monitor, then using high speed broadband and wireless 3G Connections all video images that have been acquired can be viewed on a remote monitor in real time- which is also connected to the system-remotely. This allows property owners to monitor what’s going on their properties 24/7- when they’re in the office, at home, even when they are away travelling.


Benefits of Remote CCTV monitoring 

 The most obvious benefit of a remote CCTV monitoring is that it allows property owners to view what’s going on their 24/7 or whenever they want with the options of real time viewing and viewing recorded events; a benefit which comes with more other benefits:


Prevent on-going criminal activity. When property owners can monitor their property wherever they are, it allows them to determine if there’s a criminal activity taking place somewhere in the property. If a criminal activity is really taking place, they can send or ask for immediate response. In most cases, it is the monitoring company that sends immediate response to assess and handle the situation calling the authorities on their way to the property.

In any case that the property owner is not monitoring on its remote monitor during the criminal activity and the cameras installed for the system have motion sensors, the owner as well as the security company will be able to know about it, because the integrated cameras and motion sensors detect any movement onsite.  The alarm will be triggered and if an alarm is triggered, images from an associated camera are transmitted to the security monitoring company allowing both the owner and the security company a look at the situation.


Install Remote CCTV Monitoring Today

If you are a property owner and would like some piece of mind knowing that your property is secured 24/7, you should settle for this CCTV security monitoring. It will allow you to monitor your operations, round the clock, anytime, anywhere.

Electronic security services is a supplier of remote CCTV monitoring systems and surveillance equipment that do not only monitor and detect intruders, but  are able to differentiate between false and real activations, reducing the number of potential false call outs and can act accordingly to the information received. Call them at 1300 659 800 or email them at for more information.