A night camera is a handy device to have in situations where you will be putting yourself in harms way if you are not able to see through the darkness. In order for a night camera to be really effective and useful it must possess the ability to operate in situations where light is either extremely low or virtually non existent.

The images they capture must also be good, despite low lighting. This means they would have to be free from blurriness, they cannot be out of focus, and all the faces that might be captured would have to be easily identifiable. If this is not the case then the night camera would not have much use. So it is a good idea to invest in a high quality one.

Along with the basic features mentioned above that a night camera should have, you the range of capture has to be good. You would not want to have to be up close to something in order to get a good view. It does not end here. A good night camera should have a full color day mode as well as infra-red night mode in order for them to perform really well.

How exactly does a night camera work?

When it comes to night cameras, there are two main ways they work. A lot of this is going to be dependent on the type of technology that is being utilized.

The first type of technology would be what is called Thermal Imaging Technology. With this type of technology the upper portion of the spectrum of infra red light is being caught. It is then given off in the form of heat by various objects as opposed to being reflected as light. There are certain images that are going to give of this light than others, such as people, animals, and people who might be warmer than usual. Objects that do not have a lot of heat such as solid objects like building and tress, will not give off as much infra red light.

The second type of technology a night camera might use would be what is referred to as Image Enhancement Technology. With this type of technology small portions of light are gathered. This would include the lower levels of the infra red light spectrum, which do exist but in most cases they are not able to be seen by human eyes. After this the light in amplified to a big enough extend so that an image becomes easily viewable to people.

What instances would a night camera be useful?

There are the type of night cameras you can have installed for the purpose of security on your home or at your business for starters. Now this might not always be necessary, but in most cases it will be. Think about someone who is walking around inside of one of these places at night with little to no light.

In the areas around your home you might have someone sneaking around trying to find weak points where they can enter, but they might not do so at the moment. They might decide to come back at some other time. A CCTV night camera would be able to get the clearest image of them possible so you could take the surveillance to the police and catch them before they try to make there move.

These cameras are available in the form of binoculars as well, which typically means they are being used for hunting purposes, or trying to stake out an area from a distance at night. There are lots of models available and some of them can be quite costly.